The Largest Sale Leaseback of 2016

Bob Evans Farms, Inc. Sale leaseback.

Franchise Capital Advisors is proud to announce the closing of one of the largest single sale leaseback transactions of the year.

Franchise Capital Advisors was able to obtain an aggressive cap rate that was better than the market average for Bob Evans Farm, Inc.

Chief Administrative and Chief Financial Officer of Bob Evans Farms, Inc., Mark Hood said, “The sale-leaseback transactions provided the Company with net proceeds (after tax and transaction related costs) of approximately $164 million, which we expect to use to pay down debt under the Company’s credit agreement, repurchase Company shares, and for other corporate purposes, while maintaining prudent leverage.”

We pride ourselves on partnering with National/Regional chains in the single tenant NNN space to provide our clients multiple options in which they get the best possible cap rates with ease of one transaction.

Contact us today and see how a sale leaseback can help your organization reduce debt or create access to capital.

To learn more about how Franchise Capital Advisors helped achieve the Bob Evans Sale Leaseback strategy, please view the official press release.

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