timTom McKee

Senior Vice President 

Tom McKee graduated from University Of Arizona with a degree in Finance and Business in 1981 and immediately began his career as a stock broker. For over twenty years Tom managed the stock portfolios for high net worth individuals. His career path led to positions as senior vice president beginning with Drexel Burnham then migrated to Payne Webber, Piper Jaffray and Prudential. 

In 2003 Tom and his father purchased twenty five Phillips 66 convenience stores and gas stations and formed McKee Oil company. After consistent annual growth, McKee Oil sold individual stores with a strategic plan to lease back the stores that were most profitable. With lease backs in place McKee Oil then sold the leases to 7-11 inc. maximizing the potential of the company in an industry that is highly competitive. 

Tom’s experience in investment banking and as a business owner has led him to an interest in sale lease back and business mergers.  

Tom and his wife Tracey have two sons Harley and Matthew. They spend time living in Arizona and Solana Beach California.