Jeffery Cohen

Senior Vice President

Jeffery Cohen, Franchise Capital AdvisorsJeff’s impressive leadership and dynamic hospitality service career spans nearly three decades. Jeff is one of a small-select group of high-achieving, well respected industry professionals that made proactive strategic career shifts at the right time and flourished in these esteemed positions throughout every single segment of the entire hospitality industry. Rapidly climbing the ranks of some of the most respected quality brands in the industry, Jeffery was instrumental in making his mark by adding and creating new value and processes to world-class brands such as 5 Star Hotels, Restaurant Brands, Private Clubs and Resorts with budgets up to $1.2 billion.

Jeff’s value and expertise at FCA are operational and hospitality expertise in mergers and acquisitions, keen eye for emerging brands and concepts, equity raise, external marketing, social media, business development, strategic relationships/joint venture partnerships, and his vast database of network colleagues that allows doors to open for our clients with key decision makers.

Jeffery’s significant strengths are his highly-tuned emotional intelligence, empathy, creating, building and nurturing interpersonal relationships to make sure our clients transactions and communications flow smoothly. Mr. Cohen attended Illinois State University, Kendall College, and various executive leadership programs including Cal Poly Pomona, Michigan State University, Georgia State University, Cornell. Jeff resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife Kristey and his four children. Jeff is an active participant in local Autism Foundations and Organizations, along with the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of Greater Phoenix.

Jeffery I. Cohen
Senior Vice President
Franchise Capital Advisors
Direct (630) 659-6411
9903 E. Bell Rd. #103
Scottsdale, AZ 85260