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We help hotels generate liquid capital with sale-leasebacks.

Franchise Capital Advisors is a boutique investment firm that offers unique services that help hotels pay off debt, generate liquid capital, and cash out early. We’re dedicated to the partnerships we create and make it a priority to help your business generate the most amount of value while avoiding financial risks.

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Franchise Capital Advisors has completed over $6b in transactions across the nation.

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Sale-leasebacks benefit hotels in a variety of ways.

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Cash Out Without Changing Management

A sale-leaseback gives owners the opportunity to cash out early, or generate more capital for a new development, without changing management. Our hotel investors become the new real estate owners while you become the lessee. This deal, from a real estate perspective, is straightforward and non-risky. Learn more about how sale-leasebacks work for hotels.

Avoid Economic Risks

The deal structure we create will limit the number of economic risks and oversupply concerns you may have. When it comes to the details, the only aspect of your business that changes is the owner of the property. Our hotel investors purchase your real estate and keep existing hotel managers in place.   Schedule a complimentary evaluation with our experienced hotel investors.

Partner With a Team of Experts

With a sale-leaseback, you gain a team of experienced operators and qualified investors. Keep your existing management team in place while we operate the assets.

Want to learn more about how a sale-leaseback can help your hotel, resort or franchise? Schedule a complimentary evaluation with FCA, today.

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