Franchise Consultants

Franchise Capital Advisors Helps Clients Grow Businesses

Franchise Capital Advisors is an industry leader in franchise consulting throughout the United States and abroad. Our premiere franchise consultants develop a customized plan that allows our clients to enhance business goals.

As skilled consultants, we pride ourselves on keeping close relationships and helping our customers reach their milestones through a variety of financing options. As highly trained franchise consultants we are able to provide expertise in a variety of areas including the following:


Sale-Leaseback Capital Provider

Turn Real Estate Assets into Capital for Growth

When company capital can strategically move funding goals to another level, our company sale-leaseback alternatives meet these objectives. This option leverages business real estate as cash to secure capital to reinvest or purchase additional real estate. We assist businesses in finding the best possible terms from qualified buyers in order to continue expansion into the future. These assets serve as a funding vehicle for continuous business growth.

Sale Leaseback Information


Debt/Equity Options

Growing a Business Doesn’t Have To Be Hard With Debt and Equity Options

As part of business growth, managing debt that fits a business structure is imperative to successful corporate operations. Our franchising consultants assist clients in new financing, remodeling facilities, refinancing, revolving lines of credit, real estate financing and more. Franchise financial interests are further satisfied through equity capital that serves a variety of franchise consulting needs, including acquisitions, expansions, recapitalization and new development.

Business Debt ConsultantsBusiness Equity


Franchise Debt Restructuring

Our Team of Franchise Experts Help When Debt is No Longer Manageable

Restructured debt becomes more manageable and less costly with the expert assistance of Franchise Capital Advisors. Every business situation is unique and that is why we are sure to look at the broader scope in order to advise companies on liquidity strategies and capitalization. From short-term issues to long-term problems, our team of franchise experts will develop a rapid-approach game plan to help clients return to viable, profitable enterprises.

Debt Restructuring for Businesses


Franchise Buyer-Seller Mergers

We Look at Every Merger with a Skillful Eye to Maximize Value

Selling a business or its assets involves strategic business planning from start to finish. Franchising consultants within our firm skillfully and tactically help businesses determine their value in current market trends and help them realize the true value through a number of services. Finding the right buyer is another important aspect of selling a business and at Franchise Capital Advisors we identify qualified buyers through our detailed marketing system. Additionally, we will negotiate on behalf of the client while advising on the best possible deal until everything has closed and been finalized.

When clients are focused on buying, our team takes the lead in identifying potential acquisition targets in lucrative markets. When targets are discovered, clients are fully informed concerning the target’s values and proper capital structure. We are positioned to raise capital that will provide maximum sustainability for each and every business transaction. Experts at Franchise Capital Advisors will negotiate the terms of the sale to the benefit of our clients as well as stand together until each deal is closed.

Buyer Seller-merger


Business Advisory Services

Our Franchising Consultants Help Each Client Optimize Potential

As companies grow there is a need for strategic business planning from a qualified franchising consultant with the knowledge and expertise to help reach company goals. Our team of franchise consultants have a deep understanding of industry sectors in order to assist management on meeting objectives. At Franchise Capital Advisors our full-service approach allows us to realize each company’s potential and optimize their ability to succeed in the marketplace.

Business Advisory Services