Franchise Debt Restructuring by Franchise Capital Advisors

FCA’s professionals have substantial experience in advising companies on capitalization and liquidity strategies to return to viable, profitable enterprises. Our services in financing are wide-ranging and include:

  • Review short-term issues such as liquidity, claims, and potential or actual defaults
  • Consider longer-term issues such as business plans, debt capacity, competitive positioning and strategy, key contracts and relationships, and regulatory considerations
  • Assess values of companies
  • Develop a rapid-approach game plan for operational, financing and strategic parties
  • Implement time-sensitive strategies including liquidity enhancements, asset monetization, debt refinancing, new equity investments, debt conversions to equity, and divestitures, mergers, or acquisitions

FCA’s Approach on Debt Distress

FCA’s professionals have deep experience in managing financial situations for companies. With experience on both sides of the negotiating table for banks and companies, FCA is able to quickly assess situations and suggest strategic and tactical options for creating custom lending needs.

Franchise Debt RestructuringWhy select FCA?

While contingency planning can increase chances of survival when distress presents itself, reacting quickly by eliciting professional advice from the most appropriate source at an affordable price can mean the difference.

FCA is a smaller boutique firm specializing in distressed situations that the small and mid-size companies can afford.
FCA charges lower fees, while providing professional services to address the needs of the lower middle market. Planning for the worst by identifying the right professional services firm that matches up best with the company in terms of price and capability is a first necessary step in preparing to react when distress presents itself.

Using one firm to perform multiple services can not only save time and money, but it is critical to ensuring that the service provider can quickly do their job while keeping the current lender content. FCA will act as the “quarterback” throughout the restructuring or turnaround process. We will interface with the current lender, obtain new financing, improve performance and arrange any other needed services.